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Part 2 Jordan Starr & Archer Croft FORT TROFF

Jordan watches with a devilish grin on his face as Archer surveys the options of toys on the Fort Troff wall. Each dildo is special in its own way, si...zed and shaped to deliver the deep, penetrating sensation that power bottoms like Archer crave. Archer takes his time to find one, knowing that Jordan is planning to have it test the limits of the tatted stud’s hole. When Archer hands Jordan his selection, he attaches it to the electric fuck machine, seeing Archer’s eye light up at the thought of what’s to come. The muscular, masculine men step close to each other, grabbing each other’s smooth bodies and grinding in as they kiss and grope. Their sweaty, sensual passion adds fuel to Archer’s fire, making his massive bubble butt hole tremble to be filled. Jordan bends his bottom over on all fours, lining up his fuck hole right onto the dildo. Archer’s ass curves as he readies himself to be impaled, just waiting with intense anticipation for his top to flip the switch. With a simple gesture, Jordan watches as Archer’s eyes go wide and his hole stretches to swallow up the perfectly molded toy. As Archer moans and shakes his ass to experience more pleasure, Jordan moves around to Archer’s front, filling his mouth with his own rigid massive tool. Turned on from the constant pounding, Archer expertly takes all of Jordan’s meat, pausing only to occasionally moan from the sensation of his prostate being beaten. Jordan can only hold back for so long from getting a feel for Archer’s hole. Turning his bottom around, Jordan relieves Archer from the mechanical cock, only to quickly replug his sphincter with his all-natural, hard, raging member. Already loosened up and needing to warm up, Jordan brutally thrusts into his bottom, building up an epic orgasm that leaves them both utterly spent. [Read more]

Part 1 Jordan Starr & Archer Croft FORT TROFF

Fort Troff is known for its wide variety of sexy toys and restraints to make good sex even better! But not many know about their full decked out sex d...ungeon! Archer Croft and Jordan Starr got to strap on their favorite gear and head to the sling for a hot encounter they won’t soon forget! Jordan stands like a god with his leather gloves, harness, and goggles, body perfectly chiseled and massive, rigid cock ready for Archer to worship. The shorter, tatted bottom is no stranger to being on his knees in service of a handsome alpha, and being in the Fort Troff dungeon unlocks his inner cocksucking submissive. Jordan chokes Archer with his powerful shaft, looking up at his powerful master. Jordan can hardly wait to get Archer in the sling, getting him at the perfect fucking height to destroy his hole with his bare shaft. He tongues it gently to start, getting it warm and wet before opening it up. Archer thinks he’s getting the hard force of Jordan’s shaft, but Jordan pulls out a special toy he’s found, and is eager to see Archer take it. The motorized fuck machine drills a large dildo deep into Archer’s guts, working up slowly into a steady rhythm, relentlessly and continuously pulsing past Archer’s sphincter. The bottom holds onto the straps of the sling, feeling himself rock back and forth. He sees Jordan getting worked up, noticing how hard his own cock is between his legs. Jordan tells him the machine is just a warm up, plunging his bare cock deep inside and going balls deep on initial penetration. Jordan wants to take Archer without any reservation, and after the fuck machine, Archer is primed to take him hard, deep, and raw! [Read more]

Tom Bentley & Spencer Daley Chapter 2

It’s hard to imagine wearing less without being fully exposed. That’s one of the reasons why so many gay man love jockstraps. It’s almost all-ac...cess, with just enough held back to be intriguing. It’s that sensation that courses through Tom’s body when he and Spencer start making out. The cute boys’ hands are roaming all over; those jockstraps reveal plenty of skin ready for caressing. Tongue wraps around tongue adding even more heat to the desire they’ve got burning inside. Spencer’s ready to take a taste of what that jockstrap has been keeping concealed, and boy, is it a beauty! Long, hard, and thick: every deepthroater’s dream! Bobbing up and down on it, taking its full length down his gullet, tickling with his tongue. Tom’s moans show that he’s loving the sensations and shivers this master sword-swallower is serving! Tom’s tongue wants back in on the action and, without having to move Spencer’s jockstrap, he’s got one main target in mind - that hole! Spencer lays himself across the table to give total access to his hungry hole and Tom dives deep. Now it’s Spencer’s turn to feel all the tingles and Tom is making sure his soon-to-be-bottom is properly spit-lubed and ready for the fucking to come! Once everything’s nice and wet, Tom lines his hard cock up, grabs Spencer by the jock, and plunges his way in. Spencer opens up and moans in ecstasy; this is what Tom had been preparing him for. Tom uses the jockstrap for leverage so he can fuck harder and deeper and you can hear in Spencer’s voice that Tom’s hitting the spot! Tom isn’t going to be able to hold back much longer, and Spencer is ready to take the squirting that’s about to happen. Tom grunts as he pounds! With him being so turned on by the jockstraps, how long will it be before he blasts a huge load into Spencer’s willing hole? [Read more]

Mike Edge and Ethan Tate Chapter 1

Two lithe, sexy boys have hooked up in a dark dungeon in Atlanta, naked but for their jockstraps. They’re of a similar size and build, but Ethan is ...younger, leaner, and slightly fairer-haired than his horny lover, Mike. They kiss delicately yet passionately, immediately lost in a deep, sensual trance. Ethan allows the palm of his hand to glide down Mike’s ripped torso and gently cup his growing bulge. He drops to his knees and carefully releases Mike’s beautiful dick from the shackles of his tight jockstrap. The young boy immediately wraps his mouth around it and draws his soft lips up and down its stiff, 8-inch shaft. Mike pushes Ethan towards a sling in the corner of the dungeon and encourages him to climb inside before squatting between his legs and using his tongue to coax the boy into a state of total receptiveness. Mike stands and plunges his thick rod into the younger man’s tight, quivering hole. Within seconds, he’s angling and tilting his pelvis so that his raw dick can grind slowly in and out of the gasping twink’s butt. Mike takes his sweet time, savoring every moment of this slow, intense ride. A mixture of precum and saliva is soon dripping from Ethan’s hole and Mike’s dick is sliding in and out with less and less friction. Mike pauses momentarily before allowing his dick to explode deep inside Ethan, allowing squirt after squirt of sticky semen flood into the boy’s guts. [Read more]

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