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Baily Wylde and Jax Thirio - Chapter 1

Raw Fuck Boys gets a new look with a whole new series of hot, hardcore films shot in a specially-designed sex club. The sizzling models in this bang-f...est are united by just one thing: their absolute need to breed. Baily Wylde and Jax Thirio are first through the dungeon doors and immediately get down and dirty; chiseled bodies twisting and rippling as they whisper filth to each other between long, lustful kisses. These guys want each other real bad and are excited for the chance to throw inhibitions aside. Cute boy Baily is quickly on his knees, enthusiastically servicing Jax’ rock-hard rod. The sensation is mind-blowing. Jax’s massive meat literally throbs with anticipation. He’s not just gonna bang Bailey--he’s gonna wreck him! Within seconds, Baily is in a sling with his legs wide apart as Jax ravenously tongues his tight hole, preparing the slutty bottom for a ride he’ll never forget. Baily’s soon begging for Jax’ dick, seeing the pulsing member between the muscle daddy’s smooth, strong thighs. Jax stands and penetrates the groaning boy, smiling smugly as his bare thick dick slides into Bailey’s belly. Feeling the young man’s hole wrapped around his cock, he begins thrusting fast and rhythmically, but it’s clear he’s still holding back… Jax enjoys the feeling of power and control, taking his time to enjoy the pleasure he’s getting. But then suddenly, Jax puts his foot on the gas! The boy starts to yelp. The experience is unbelievably intense. Jax’s hungry dick is deep inside the boy and banging with enough force and brutality to entirely rearrange Baily’s guts. Jax wraps his hand around Baily’s throat as he hurtles towards climax, slamming his powerful tool into the boy with increasing force and speed. Baily starts to scream as Jax finally releases his cum-canon way up inside him, turning a once tight twink hole into a jizzy, sloppy, satisfied mess. [Read more]

Sean, Mason, Mikey and Jeremy

Slamming your dick into a spunk-filled hole is as hot as it is ultra sleazy. Sean and Mikey have had a pretty busy night, but, despite shooting multip...le loads, can’t seem to stop fucking. Heavily-tattooed, porn-god, Sean, walks into a bedroom to find cute boy Mikey squatting on all fours. Horny Sean instantly pushes his giant pole into the boy and starts to hump. Of course, what goes in must come out, and, before long, ribbons of frothy white semen start to drip out of Mikey’s well-used hole. It acts as the perfect lube for Sean’s rock hard dick and makes him bang with just that little bit more force. Mikey gasps and squeals in pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Sean is the ultimate sex machine and slams into the boy with increasing power and speed. Spent sperm literally flies out of Mikey’s ass. Sean pulls out, then roars and groans deeply as the cum starts to drip from his cock. After a few squirts, he pushes it back in to mix with what’s left of the previous guy’s load. In the next door room, Jeremy is also on all fours. This caramel-skinned, bespectacled otter is usually a top, but he’s already been seeded by someone else and is plainly in a submissive mood. Twink boy, Mason leaps at the chance to get inside him and instantly starts thrusting his big dick into Jeremy’s tight, cummy hole. Jeremy's deeply satisfied smile says it all. Mason’s strokes speed up as he inches towards totality. He can’t hold it in any longer and squirts his giant load deep inside Jeremy’s ass. [Read more]

Tad, Julian, Jeremy and Kane

This double bill is nothing short of a fucking frenzy! These boys aren’t hanging around; there’s no foreplay, fussing about or chit-chat, they’r...e going straight in for the main event. Dark, moody lighting sets the tone as lithe, handsome bad-boy Tad Tyler grinds his thick dick into the flame-haired, pale-skinned twink, Julian Waits. Within seconds he’s going at it full tilt, making Julian groan and murmur in helpless pleasure. Julian is the star of this particular show. We never see Kane’s face, we merely see glimpses of his body as his dick leaves no stone unturned in its mission to give Julian a pretty thorough internal examination. These boys are totally into each other, so it’s no surprise when Kane starts to shoot his load after seven minutes of full-on, aggressive banging. He blasts deep into Julian before slapping his ass and walking away. Cute boy Tad Tyler is next up, and he’s lucked out with the seriously sexy Jeremy George. Jeremy pushes his beautiful dick into the boy and slams himself rhythmically into Tad’s tight little ass from behind. Jeremy’s balls are particularly impressive - firm, pert and round - and watching them banging against the bottom boy’s hole is a great pleasure. Jeremy adeptly builds up the pace; every thrust seems harder and deeper. Tad gasps and clasps his hands together, attempting to regulate his breathing. It’s clear that Jeremy has reached the point of no return and he literally blasts his load - deep into the young twink’s ass. [Read more]

Sex Party in Atlanta

For some men, the chasing for a sex partner is part of the thrill. For others, they love the simple, straightforward atmosphere of a good old fashione...d orgy. For Sean and his buddy Jeremy, they come prepared with raging hard-ons and a need to breed. At this particular house, the bottoms set themselves up in bedrooms, holes open and waiting for anyone to come in and breed them. Mikey loves seeing his tops before the impale him, so he gets himself comfortable on the bed with his legs up and hole out, anxiously excited for the first cock to enter. To his amazement, tall, muscular, tattooed alpha top Sean walks in, already lubed up and sniffing out a hole to breed. Mikey’s posture is just how Sean likes his willing bottom subs, so he wastes no time in small talk and just simply slides his unwrapped tool deep in Mikey’s ass. Mikey pants and gasps, astounded and excited by the relentless fury of Sean’s sleazy strokes. Pre-cum starts to trickle out of Mikey’s hole, and before long, Sean lets out a satisfied roar, as a jet of his juices enter the boy. Sean pulls out, seeing his cock drip with his premium load and begins to get dressed. He says nothing and barely even looks at his freshly fucked bottom as he heads back out and makes his way into another room. He didn’t come for conversation. Just to fuck. Mikey is left to deal with crazy quantities of cum dribbling out of his ass, knowing that another top could enter at any moment... Meanwhile, Jeremy has found his way to a bedroom on the other side of the house, seeing the rosy cheeked Julian on all fours, ass up and open, still wet from a fuck moments prior. He takes off his pants and barely gives the boy any time to catch his breath completely before sliding himself deep into his guts. Julian moans as his face flushes, reveling in the excitement of another hot top taking advantage of his horny exhibition. He feels the strange member enter him, pounding up against his prostate, attempting to finish the job the previous top started in getting him off. The strokes at first are slow and deep. Jeremy wants to savour every moment of this illicit encounter. But then the pace quickly intensifies and, very soon, Jeremy is vigorously smashing his rock hard dick into the moaning boy, his need to breed increasing with every stroke. Jeremy cums hard and shoots big, emptying his huge, wet load into Julian’s cute hairless hole. Jeremy remains in shock, feeling the warmness of the man’s cum mix with the previous batch, all the while his raging erection still remains desperate to cum. He holds off touching himself, knowing the same as Mikey that the night is hardly over! [Read more]


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Raw Fuck Boys offers 100% bareback fucking 100% of the time, featuring some of the piggiest bottoms and aggressive, rough tops in porn! If you like the idea of raw, anonymous gay sex between a dominant guy and his eager cumdump, Raw Fuck Boys is here with videos featuring blindfolded bottoms who have no idea whose dick they’re sucking or getting pounded by. Sometimes, even the cameraman gets so turned on he joins in the action. We’ve also got plenty of solo action for you voyeurs who just want to see a hot guy flex and jerk his big dick and stuff his hole with a huge toy.

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